Rocker panel labor cost

Rocker panel labor cost

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Aug 11, 2011 · I just bought a 1984 chevy c10 truck. Its a great truck, the only thing is that the rocker panels are rusted out. The floor pans are solid, its just the rockers. I was just wondering if getting the rockers replaced was a relatively inexpensive job. I have the rockers i just need to get the old ones cut out and the new ones welded in. I'd appreciate if anyone could give me a rough estimate of ...

I believe that my labor estimates were almost $1K for each side of my car, not including materials. Note that the new OEM rocker panels do not come with the round & square holes for the bottom molding and brackets. I had planned to throw away the bottom molding and use a "Line-X" coating to protect the new rocker panels from rock chips. As an example, I just replaced inner and outer rocker panels and cab corners on a friend's truck. It was a pretty big job, that probably would have cost him 4 grand if I had been on the clock. That's a full frame truck though, the metal work for which is a lot more forgiving than say a Toyota Yaris.

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My truck is the same way. I looked into them online and the only place I saw that sells them is I went and got prices from body shops to replace both door bottoms and both rocker panels/corners. All were over $1,000 If you can do them yourself, more power to ya. I don't feel comfortable enough tackling it.

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This Rocker Panel fits Jeep Liberty 02-07 4 door vehicles; this is a slip-on, patch panel or rust repair part. We sell many different parts, from rust repair panels to O.E. collision parts.Jun 08, 2017 · The rocker panel is part of the folded and welded sheet metal that passes for frame side rails these days. If they are gone, there is no structural integrity left in the car. +1 If the rocker panels on a modern vehicle with unitized construction–such as this Focus–are rusted-out, the vehicle’s structural integrity is compromised.

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