Jinja2 custom function

Jinja2 custom function

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You can provide custom tags, filters, functions, operators and tests. Create an implementation using the macros Crinja.filter , Crinja.function , Crinja.test . They need to be passed a block which will be converted to a Proc. Optional arguments are a Hash or NamedTuple with default arguments and a name.

The Flask and Blueprint classes now have a non-decorator method for adding custom template filters application wide, flask.Flask.add_template_filter() and flask.Blueprint.add_app_template_filter(). The flask.get_flashed_messages() function now allows rendering flashed message categories in separate blocks, through a category_filter argument.

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HubSpot Community Holiday Schedule: 2020. Happy Holidays to our HubSpot Community, wherever you are in the world! The HubSpot Community & Support teams will be out of the office on December 24, December 25 and January 1. from jinja2_error import jinja2_error. Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged ansible custom-errors template jinja or ask your own question.

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我正在使用jinja2,我想调用一个python函数作为助手,使用类似的语法,如果我正在调用一个macros。 jinja2似乎意图阻止我进行一个函数调用,并坚持我通过将函数复制到模板中作为一个macros来重复自己。 有没有简单的方法来做到这一点? Jinja2 uses Unicode internally and provides Python-like expressions. It is flexible text-based template engine and can generate any source or markup code. Tags, globals, tests, and filters can be customized in Jinja2. Jinja2: contains configurable syntax, that can be overridden or line-oriented;

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